Memory Manager & Custom Memory Allocators

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Memory Manager & Custom Memory Allocators

Postby lazalong » 09 Jul 2009, 09:41

Is there a plan to add a memory manager to Poco?

One that permit:

1) Overriding new/delete for Poco classes
2) Overriding the STL container allocators

The memory manager would permit to track allocation, leaks, boundaries,...
The allocator should enable us to have aligned allocation.

A nice feature would be to set the max memory to use and if the max is reached the new would simply return 0 so that we can "wait" until some memory is freed.

A interesting implementation that could serve as idea is the OGRE one:

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Re: Memory Manager & Custom Memory Allocators

Postby drr00t » 22 Jul 2009, 22:31


Would be great if this was included. Once POCO is an application foundation.

good idea

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