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Logger and

Postby marlowa » 10 Aug 2006, 18:26

I cannot see a << operator for the Logger. Is one available? I prefer to use << for output. It is type-safe and extensible. The error/warning/information functions seem geared to ready assembled strings. I typically supply more contextual information. Using these functions I would have to assemble the string using an intermediate stringstream. This is inconvenient. A Logger could (maybe, perhaps) inherit from ostream which would allow more conventional C++ I/O to be used.

BTW, this criticism aside, I really like the look of the logger. It seems generally very well designed. I particularly like the asynchronous channel mechanism which allows one to log using a different thread.

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Re: Logger and

Postby guenter » 10 Aug 2006, 20:32

Have a look at the new LogStream class in release 1.2.

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