Installation with MinGW

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Installation with MinGW

Postby Thomas » 18 Feb 2011, 18:21


I'm working with MinGW (OS Micorsoft Windows XP Prof.) and Eclipse-Cdt as IDE. I downloaded the poco basic edtion an put it ..msys/1.0/home/thomas/poco...

In the POCO dir I run ./configure and got the response "Configured for MinGW"

Running make compiled the sources but the linker returns with the errors
- cannot find -lssl,
- cannot find -lcrypto

The libryries libssl and libcrypto are not installed. I have found libcrypt32.a but no libssl.a

Does anybody know how to set up the MinGW for using with the POCO libs, i.e. how to install the POCO libs.

Best regards, Thomas

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