Some ideas to sync trunk with *real trunk* (aka 1.4.2)

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Some ideas to sync trunk with *real trunk* (aka 1.4.2)

Postby nezmar » 07 Jul 2011, 09:31


I spent last week with trying sync trunk with 1.4.2 branch. I used KDE kompare utility (plus svn log&diff) and blend changes line-by-line into current trunk codebase for Foundation, Util, XML and Net (partially). I stopped at the Data package. This package seems to me 'big pain' and each branch has big and incompatible changes to other. The Question is: which codebase of this two Data packages is planned for future use? Second, I can't merge changes for Net Socket, SocketImpl and FTPClientSession for the same reasons. If are there plans to use standard trunk for future development, it is right time to merge mainstream changes. Other solution is merge changes from trunk to 1.5.0 and release it as development version - proof-of-the-concept. I'm curious how many bug fixes is in trunk but not in 1.4.2 branch (I have notes about).

Any ideas?

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Re: Some ideas to sync trunk with *real trunk* (aka 1.4.2)

Postby guenter » 28 Jul 2011, 15:20

Plan is to use most of 1.4.2, and only some things from trunk (Data, Poco::Dynamic, etc.) and merge this into 1.5. I plan to do this starting September, and it definitely will be significant work, due to the high number of possibly conflicting changes.

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