Upload progress?

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Upload progress?

Postby francisr » 30 Apr 2008, 16:51


I have a GUI appication that uploads video files. Now I would like my UI to update a progress bar when uploading a file. I wonder if there is a way to get feedback from the Poco code on how much of the file has been uploaded yet (I am using HTTPRequest and HTTPClientSession classes in Poco::Net).

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Re: Upload progress?

Postby guenter » 02 May 2008, 11:49

Since HTTPClientSession uses a stream to upload data, all you have to do is put notifications about progress in between your write operations. A possible way would be to use Task and TaskManager, which provide a simple notification mechanism for task progress. An issue in GUI applications is always getting things such as progress information from background threads to the GUI thread. A pattern that works well is to put all notifications into a NotificationQueue, and then, in the GUI thread's onIdle event/callback/etc., get the notifications from the queue and process them (e.g., update the progress bar). If you use Task and TaskManager, you should be able to register a NotificationQueue with the TaskManager as an observer, so that all notifications coming from tasks end up in the queue.

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