weird process failure after Poco::launch from a Service

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Re: weird process failure after Poco::launch from a Service

Postby marlowabnp » 17 Jan 2012, 10:55

marlowabnp wrote:
marlowabnp wrote:
guenter wrote:I suspect an environment problem.
So do I...
guenter wrote: Services usually run under the Local System account. If your application requires DLLs that can only be found via PATH, make sure that the global (not user-specific) PATH environment variable is set properly. Or even better, set it from your service before launching the app. You could also try specifying a different user account
I used to think it was to do with account but not any more. I can make it work by launching a batch file that runs the command I first thought of.

I have found out how to make it work. It is to do with the call to CreateProcess made in Process_WIN32U.cpp. It is the inheritHandles flag and process creation flag. In the official Poco code inheritHandles is set to TRUE and creationFlags is set to 0. I changed inheritHandles to FALSE and creationFlags to CREATE_NO_WINDOW. Does anyone have any idea why this would make the launch work when the launching is done by a service?

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