Deadlines in Reactor

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Deadlines in Reactor

Postby rawler » 24 Jan 2012, 21:40

I'm looking into using Poco, Boost, or libev as a base for a network-server in a custom protocol. Message routing is at it's core.

Poco seems to have all I seek (Except AF_UNIX, but I can work around that), except deadline-handling in the reactor-framework similar to boost::asio, or libev.

Any chance to get it into the framework?

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Re: Deadlines in Reactor

Postby rmoffer » 26 Jan 2012, 18:15

We've also missed AF_UNIX support and are having to rely on curl for that one requirement.

Specifically HTTP over AF_UNIX (don't ask).


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Re: Deadlines in Reactor

Postby alex » 18 May 2012, 04:54

A bit belated answer, but here it is...

I've done POCO local socket support quite some time ago, see this blog post. I may include it in Sockets library which we plan to extract out of Net and propose for standardization.

As for async I/O, there's been many requests for Poco::ASIO over last years. Admittedly, we are in a "deer in headlight" mode not knowing how to do that right. I don't think anybody does, even C++ standards committee is uncertain on what is behind std::async (dilemma: thread or something else behaving "as if it was" thread). Given the current state of flux in CPU/GPU world, we have a big mess and nobody really knows how to do it right, let alone do it portable. It seems that a combination of threads, async I/O and coroutines with a dose of work stealing currently fits the bill of proper solution. How does one reconcile all that and create a comprehensible model is another story. According to Microsoft, turning C++ in Erlang direction is the answer.

Don't lose hope, we'll do something for sure but can't promise any deadlines there.

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