PageCompiler -> Session Question.

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PageCompiler -> Session Question.

Postby » 22 May 2008, 19:11

Hi All,
RecentlyI make same tests with -> PageCompiler, and I like a lot, than I decide make one small web application using it.
But in this application I need maintain session between pages (like any other web app), then I did see this in doc ->
session (OSP only)
An instance of Poco~058~~058~OSP~058~~058~Web~058~~058~WebSession::Ptr for accessing the
Poco~058~~058~OSP~058~~058~Web::WebSession object for the current session.
Only available with the POCO Open Service Platform, and if the
<[session]> page attribute has been specified.
Then I use -> cpspcd.exe to generate class to me, and this did generated ->

Code: Select all

#include "Poco/Net/HTTPRequestHandler.h"
#include "Poco/OSP/Web/WebRequestHandlerFactory.h"
#include "Poco/OSP/BundleContext.h"

class TimeHandler: public Poco::Net::HTTPRequestHandler

   void handleRequest(Poco::Net::HTTPServerRequest& request, Poco::Net::HTTPServerResponse& response);

   Poco::OSP::BundleContext::Ptr context() const
      return _pContext;

   Poco::OSP::BundleContext::Ptr _pContext;

class TimeHandlerFactory: public Poco::OSP::Web::WebRequestHandlerFactory
   Poco::Net::HTTPRequestHandler* createRequestHandler(const Poco::Net::HTTPServerRequest& request);

But I can find OSP in anywhere in POCO.
Anyone can help-me to understand what direction of this project go, it is stopped, or have this imp(OSP) in any other place.

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Re: PageCompiler -> Session Question.

Postby alex » 22 May 2008, 22:18

> But I can find OSP in anywhere in POCO.

OSP is a commercial product. You have three options:

* buy OSP
* implement session tracking in ))ApacheConnector(( (and maybe contribute the code back)
* use Servlet library (which is not completed/released but works and has session tracking)


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