HashMap will crash in vs2010

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HashMap will crash in vs2010

Postby andycaisc » 08 Mar 2012, 10:45

typedef HashMap<int, int> IntMap;
IntMap hm;
IntMap::Iterator it ;
it = hm.begin(); //---here will make crash in visual studio 2010

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Re: HashMap will crash in vs2010

Postby Royce » 05 Jul 2012, 16:04

I get this same thing. On VS2010, HashMAP::begin() causes a null de-reference deep in the call stack, xutility I think, even if the HashMap has elements. It seems like it is associated with operator= for iterators.

That exact same code on VS2003, on the other hand, works just fine. (I don't have 2005 or 2008 or I would try them too).

This was a quite surprise when I upgraded from 2003 to 2010. I had a hard time following the numerous modules (some seemed to be POCO modules and some seemed to be VS2010 modules) that lead up to the null de-reference. I gave up and went with stdext::hash_map in the interests of time. If I had an eye toward cross-platform, I'm sure I'd find that Boost has some sort of hash map as well.

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Re: HashMap will crash in vs2010

Postby alex » 05 Jul 2012, 18:31

I filed a bug report on SF.

Don't know yet what exactly causes this, but we've had to work around the MS standard library implementation bugs before.

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