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All in One Include

Postby VoidReactor » 31 Mar 2012, 22:01

Hey guys and girls!

First of all: Your library is amazing!
I mean there is also the boost-library, where you can reinvent all things like HTTP, FTP, Mail,... but this costs time. And in the pocoproject, you have everything what you want... just amazing!

But there is one thing what I don't like: It's the include-hell.
It would be nice, if you would provide something like a modular-include:

#include <Poco/Net.h> // which includes everything in Poco/Net/*

or you could be more modular:

#include <Poco/Net/Http.h> // which includes all the HTTP things.

This would give the library a nice flair.

I know the downside of this "all in one includes", they increase the compile-time.
But who cares? I mean, if a programmer wants a fast compile-time, he could just include the headers he needs.

Please think about it!


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