static NetworkInterfaceList list()

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static NetworkInterfaceList list()

Postby killerbot » 03 Apr 2012, 22:55

--- assuming IPv6 active ----

I have a request :
Could there be overloads foreseen like this :
static NetworkInterfaceList list()
static NetworkInterfaceList list(IPVersion ipVersion)

Benefit is that you can have a dedicated listing on the IPvX of interest. Now both show up in the list (meaning most of the time the interface is there in twice, once claiming to support IPv4 and not IPv6, and once claiming IPv6 and not IPv4).

One could even debate, that maybe it should be only once in the list, and then it supports both IPv4 and IPV6, and then address() method could take an argument of IPVersion.

What do you think ?

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