when is CppUnit not CppUnit?

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when is CppUnit not CppUnit?

Postby marlowa » 24 Jul 2006, 21:29

when it's the cppunit in POCO. I know that cppunit is a huge beast for what it does, so I appreciate that POCO uses a cut-down variant. But it's not really cppunit then is is? It just resembles it. I propose that it be renamed. The trouble with calling it cppunit is that it could too easily be confused with the real cppunit.

It is possible that either one could evolve such that differences in common usage arise. For example, I would like to see the POCO unit test framework support named tests and loop asserts, used to assert conditions whilst looping through test data (where you would want to know for the constant line of source code which line of test data it was using when the assert failed).

-Andrew Marlow

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Re: when is CppUnit not CppUnit?

Postby guenter » 26 Jul 2006, 09:05

CppUnit in POCO definitely is CppUnit. It's directly based on Michael Feather's original CppUnit, with some enchancements, mostly to the GUI and TestRunners.

So while CppUnit is definitely a CppUnit, it is also definitely not the CppUnit from the SourceForge project with the same name (and also not one of the many other CppUnit variants out there).

Maybe it helps to refer to POCO's CppUnit as PocoCppUnit (or PocoUnit, if you want).

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