POCO event mechanism

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POCO event mechanism

Postby luisao » 05 Jul 2012, 11:26

Dear all,

I am new using POCO. I couldn´t find many good examples about the notification center using POCO.

Do anybody has experience with it?

Currently I am trying to notify several threads the same notification. But I found the problem: who is the responsable for deleting the notification object?

thanks guys,

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Re: POCO event mechanism

Postby alex » 05 Jul 2012, 18:40

Let's see what does documentation say:
NotificationCenter documentation wrote:The handler method gets co-ownership of the Notification object and must release it when done. This is best done with an AutoPtr:

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 void MyClass::handleNotification(MyNotification* pNf)
   AutoPtr<MyNotification> nf(pNf);
   ///         ...

Alternatively, the NObserver class template can be used to register a callback method. In this case, the callback method receives the Notification in an AutoPtr and thus does not have to deal with object ownership issues:

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 void MyClass::handleNotification(const AutoPtr<MyNotification>& pNf)

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