Client SSL connection via proxy

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Client SSL connection via proxy

Postby Bernardo » 12 Jul 2012, 11:19


I've got an application running on an office PC trying to connect to a secure (HTTPS) web server on the internet. There's a corporate proxy between the two, and its details are configured in a (secure) session.
When the host connection is attempted it looks like the destination host (web server) IP address is being resolved through DNS. That doesn't work with the proxy we've got here. Instead of DNS resolution I was expecting to see the HTTP CONNECT command to establish a tunnel in the proxy. That's the way a web browser, for example works when I try to connect to the same destination. More info about about it at [1]. I used Wireshark to look at the packets.
So I tried adding the HTTP CONNECT command (instead of GET) to the application but that didn't work any better -- DNS resolution is still attempted before anything else.

I'm under impression that I'm missing something here but it's not clear what, so the question is, is there a prescribed way to establish a HTTPS connection via a web proxy?

Regards, Bernardo

[1] ... ing-01.txt

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