formatting Any by Poco itself

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formatting Any by Poco itself

Postby pdf » 20 Jul 2012, 17:56


'Any' seems to be like a Variant is'nt it ?
So, as the Poco::format() function accept 'Any' type as parameters, is there a way to not specify the type of the parameters (%ld, %i, %s, %f, etc...) and to let Poco detect the type itself ?
for example:

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Poco::Int32 cpt = 5000;
Poco::Any cptAny = cpt;
std::string formatted = Poco::format( "counter is %1", cptAny);

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Re: formatting Any by Poco itself

Postby alex » 20 Jul 2012, 19:40

Any is asymmetric in regards to types, it will accept any type but it won't tell you what type it holds, i.e. it is dynamic on receiving and static on the giving end. Poco::DynamicAny (aka Poco::Dynamic::Var in trunk) is dynamic on both ends.

See DynamicAny articles for detailed explanation:

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