Poco Data Tunck executeWithoutLimit?

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Poco Data Tunck executeWithoutLimit?

Postby lilinghui » 01 Sep 2010, 10:17

std::size_t StatementImpl::executeWithoutLimit()
poco_assert (_state != ST_DONE);
std::size_t count = 0;

while (hasNext()) count += next();
} while (canBind());

return count ? count : affectedRowCount();

if i get one row by key like this "SELECT ID, [Name], Age FROM Test WHERE ID = 1",

Statement stmt(*_pSession << sql);
std::size_t size = stmt.execute();
if this record don't exsit, but the execute() get 1 return, why affectedRowCount is 1? alex help?

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Re: Poco Data Tunck executeWithoutLimit?

Postby huailongs » 01 Sep 2010, 12:09

i haven't use poco::data classes.

i may use poco::data::sqlite in the future.

we can communicate with each other in using poco.

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Re: Poco Data Tunck executeWithoutLimit?

Postby Hitnrun » 29 Sep 2012, 23:22

I am too having this problem, a query with a bound variable with a value that doesn't exists, returns 1 event if no record was processed. This also makes lowerLimit(1) to not throw an exception.

The affectedRowCount() function on SQLitem Impl seems to be counting the number of bindings, what's the logic in this behavior?

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