Error in 1.4.4 sources?

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Error in 1.4.4 sources?

Postby rakesh » 05 Nov 2012, 23:01


I was trying to build 1.4.4 in 32 bit mode on Solaris 11/GCC 4.7.1 and ran into some compiler errors in Foundation/src/NumberFormatter.cpp and Foundation/src/NumberParser.cpp files. These are both in the

#if defined(POCO_HAVE_INT64) && !defined(POCO_LONG_IS_64_BIT)

section. These have to do with syntax similar to the following:

std::sprintf(buffer, "%"I64_FMT"d", value);

I am not sure which compiler supports string concatenation in that format. I got around it my creating a temporary std::string with the concatenation (probably not the most efficient option), but the sources compile now.

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