class HTTPSessionInstantiator

Library: Net
Package: HTTPClient
Header: Poco/Net/HTTPSessionInstantiator.h


A factory for HTTPClientSession objects.

Creates a HTTP session for a given URI. A HTTPSessionInstantiator is not used directly. Instances are registered with a HTTPSessionFactory, and used through it.


Known Derived Classes: HTTPSSessionInstantiator

Member Summary

Member Functions: createClientSession, proxyHost, proxyPassword, proxyPort, proxyUsername, registerInstantiator, setProxy, setProxyCredentials, unregisterInstantiator





~HTTPSessionInstantiator virtual

virtual ~HTTPSessionInstantiator();

Destroys the HTTPSessionInstantiator.

Member Functions

createClientSession virtual

virtual HTTPClientSession * createClientSession(
    const Poco::URI & uri

Creates a HTTPClientSession for the given URI.

registerInstantiator static

static void registerInstantiator();

Registers the instantiator with the global HTTPSessionFactory.

unregisterInstantiator static

static void unregisterInstantiator();

Unregisters the factory with the global HTTPSessionFactory.

proxyHost protected inline

const std::string & proxyHost() const;

Returns the proxy post.

proxyPassword protected inline

const std::string & proxyPassword() const;

Returns the password for proxy authorization.

proxyPort protected inline

Poco::UInt16 proxyPort() const;

Returns the proxy port.

proxyUsername protected inline

const std::string & proxyUsername() const;

Returns the username for proxy authorization.

setProxy protected

void setProxy(
    const std::string & host,
    Poco::UInt16 port

Sets the proxy host and port. Called by HTTPSessionFactory.

setProxyCredentials protected

void setProxyCredentials(
    const std::string & username,
    const std::string & password

Sets the username and password for proxy authorization (Basic auth only).