class WindowsConsoleChannel

Library: Foundation
Package: Logging
Header: Poco/WindowsConsoleChannel.h


A channel that writes to the Windows console.

Only the message's text is written, followed by a newline.

If POCO has been compiled with POCO_WIN32_UTF8, log messages are assumed to be UTF-8 encoded, and are converted to UTF-16 prior to writing them to the console. This is the main difference to the ConsoleChannel class, which cannot handle UTF-8 encoded messages on Windows.

Chain this channel to a FormattingChannel with an appropriate Formatter to control what is contained in the text.

Only available on Windows platforms.


Direct Base Classes: Channel

All Base Classes: Channel, Configurable, RefCountedObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: log

Inherited Functions: close, duplicate, getProperty, log, open, referenceCount, release, setProperty




Creates the WindowsConsoleChannel.


~WindowsConsoleChannel protected virtual


Member Functions

log virtual

void log(
    const Message & msg

Logs the given message to the channel's stream.