class DigestEngine

Library: Foundation
Package: Crypt
Header: Poco/DigestEngine.h


This class is an abstract base class for all classes implementing a message digest algorithm, like MD5Engine and SHA1Engine. Call update() repeatedly with data to compute the digest from. When done, call digest() to obtain the message digest.


Known Derived Classes: Poco::Crypto::DigestEngine, Poco::Crypto::RSADigestEngine, HMACEngine, MD4Engine, MD5Engine, PBKDF2Engine, SHA1Engine

Member Summary

Member Functions: digest, digestLength, digestToHex, reset, update, updateImpl



typedef std::vector < unsigned char > Digest;





~DigestEngine virtual

virtual ~DigestEngine();

Member Functions

digest virtual

virtual const Digest & digest() = 0;

Finishes the computation of the digest and returns the message digest. Resets the engine and can thus only be called once for every digest. The returned reference is valid until the next time digest() is called, or the engine object is destroyed.

digestLength virtual

virtual unsigned digestLength() const = 0;

Returns the length of the digest in bytes.

digestToHex static

static std::string digestToHex(
    const Digest & bytes

Converts a message digest into a string of hexadecimal numbers.

reset virtual

virtual void reset() = 0;

Resets the engine so that a new digest can be computed.

update inline

void update(
    const void * data,
    unsigned length


void update(
    char data


void update(
    const std::string & data

Updates the digest with the given data.

updateImpl protected virtual

virtual void updateImpl(
    const void * data,
    unsigned length
) = 0;

Updates the digest with the given data. Must be implemented by subclasses.