class ICMPPacketImpl

Library: Net
Package: ICMP
Header: Poco/Net/ICMPPacketImpl.h


This is the abstract class for ICMP packet implementations.


Known Derived Classes: ICMPv4PacketImpl

Member Summary

Member Functions: checksum, errorDescription, getDataSize, initPacket, maxPacketSize, nextSequence, packet, packetSize, resetSequence, sequence, setDataSize, time, typeDescription, validReplyID



    int dataSize = 48

Constructor. Creates an ICMPPacketImpl.


~ICMPPacketImpl virtual

virtual ~ICMPPacketImpl();


Member Functions

errorDescription virtual

virtual std::string errorDescription(
    Poco::UInt8 * buffer,
    int length
) = 0;

Returns error description string. If supplied buffer contains an ICMP echo reply packet, an empty string is returned indicating the absence of error.

Supplied buffer includes IP header, ICMP header and data. Must be overriden.


int getDataSize() const;

Returns data size.

maxPacketSize virtual inline

virtual int maxPacketSize() const;

Returns the maximum permitted size of packet in number of octets.


const Poco::UInt8 * packet(
    bool init = true

Returns raw ICMP packet. ICMP header and data are included in the packet. If init is true, initPacket() is called.

packetSize virtual

virtual int packetSize() const = 0;

Returns the total size of packet (ICMP header + data) in number of octets. Must be overriden.

sequence inline

Poco::UInt16 sequence() const;

Returns the most recent sequence number generated.


void setDataSize(
    int dataSize

Sets data size.

time virtual

virtual struct timeval time(
    Poco::UInt8 * buffer = 0,
    int length = 0
) const = 0;

Returns current epoch time if either argument is equal to zero. Otherwise, it extracts the time value from the supplied buffer.

Supplied buffer includes IP header, ICMP header and data. Must be overriden.

typeDescription virtual

virtual std::string typeDescription(
    int typeId
) = 0;

Returns the description of the packet type. Must be overriden.

validReplyID virtual

virtual bool validReplyID(
    unsigned char * buffer,
    int length
) const = 0;

Returns true if the extracted id is recognized (i.e. equals the process id).

Supplied buffer includes IP header, ICMP header and data. Must be overriden.

checksum protected

Poco::UInt16 checksum(
    Poco::UInt16 * addr,
    Poco::Int32 len

Calculates the checksum for supplied buffer.

initPacket protected virtual

virtual void initPacket() = 0;

(Re)assembles the packet. Must be overriden.

nextSequence protected inline

Poco::UInt16 nextSequence();

Increments sequence number and returns the new value.

resetSequence protected inline

void resetSequence();

Resets the sequence to zero.



static const Poco::UInt16 MAX_PACKET_SIZE;


static const Poco::UInt16 MAX_SEQ_VALUE;