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Building a Cloud Service With POCO: my-devices.net

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Applied Informatics has just released a new and much improved version of my-devices.net, along with a completely new website. my-devices.net is cloud-ready service providing secure remote access to embedded devices and intelligent systems via HTTP(S) or other TCP-based protocols. With my-devices.net, any network-connected device running the my-devices.net connector software can be securely accessed remotely over the internet from browsers, mobile apps, desktop, server or cloud applications using HTTP(S) or TCP-based protocols. This even works if the device is behind a NAT router, firewall or proxy server. The device becomes just another host on the internet, addressable via its own URL and protected by the my-devices.net server against unauthorized or malicious access.

The server application and the software that connects the device to the server are based on POCO, of course. See our blog post at the Applied Informatics Blog or go directly to my-devices.net for more information.

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