POCO C++ Libraries Release 1.13.0 Available

We’re happy to announce release 1.13.0 of the POCO C++ Libraries, a major release that includes lots of improvements and fixes. Highlights of this release include:

  • Support for MongoDB 5.1 and newer
  • C++17 is the lowest supported standard
  • Poco::Data SQLParser (experimental, optional at build and runtime)

Please be aware of the following breaking changes:

  • GH #4305 Remove deprecated toJSON functions
  • GH #4304 NumericString conversions inconsistencies
  • GH #4235 Minimum standards: C++17 and C11
  • GH #4230 Poco::Data fixes and improvements
  • GH #3701 SocketReactor: Remove not useful handlers calls
  • GH #569 SyntaxException for DateTimeParser::parse not working

As usual, the full list of changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.

This release also marks the first collaboration of our new enlarged core team. Special thanks to Friedrich, Joerg-Christian, Kari, Matej and of course Alex for your work.

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