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Video: Writing a Network Client with POCO

A nice talk by Richard Thomson at the Utah C++ Programmers Meetup. He gives an introduction to the POCO networking classes and then demonstrates how to write a NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) client with POCO.


Top 13 C++ Libraries to Watch Out For

Incredibuild’s list of 13 C++ libraries to watch out for includes the POCO C++ Libraries right after the standard library and Boost. A good position to be in 🙂 They also made a short video.


Evolution of POCO Visualized

Here is a super-cool visualization of the evolution of POCO from 2006 to 2015, found on YouTube:

POCO on CppCast

POCO was featured in the Episode 18 on CppCast.

Herb Sutter on the Future of C++

The Future of C++ Friday, November 2, 2012 12:45pm (U.S. Pacific Time) This talk will give an update on recent progress and near-future directions for C++, both at Microsoft and across the industry, with some announcements of interest in both areas. The speaker is the lead language architect of Visual C++ and chair of the […]

“Dynamic C++” Presentation Slides

The Code Camp 2012 “Dynamic C++” presentation went really well. There was 40+ attendees and lots of participation, discussion, interesting questions and suggestions. Slides are here. Thanks a lot to everyone who attended and helped with this event. EDIT: Code from the presentation is also available now.

C++ SOAP Web Services With Remoting

Our second screencast shows how to build a SOAP web service in C++ with Applied Informatics Remoting. The sample project shown in the screencast is based on the StockQuotes server from the Remoting in 15 Minutes webcast, so please watch that one first if you haven’t yet. Apple QuickTime or another player capable of playing […]

Remoting in 15 Minutes

Our first screencast shows how to build a simple distributed C++ application based on Applied Informatics Remoting. You’ll learn how to write the service class, how to configure and run the code generator, and how to write the client and server applications. All in just 15 minutes. Apple QuickTime or another player capable of playing […]

Fun With Mindstorms®, POCO and the iPhone™ Accelerometer

Here at Applied Informatics, we like to have fun at work. We recently built a Mindstorms vehicle that’s remote controlled by the iPhone’s accelerometer. To add some POCO touch to it, the iPhone does not talk directly to the Mindstorms NXT, but to a Digi ConnectCore 9P running Linux and a POCO-based application. Connected to […]

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