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Video: Writing a Network Client with POCO

A nice talk by Richard Thomson at the Utah C++ Programmers Meetup. He gives an introduction to the POCO networking classes and then demonstrates how to write a NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) client with POCO.


Open Source Libraries for Network and Internet Based Applications

Last month we were very pleased to see POCO included in Incredibuilds top 13 C++ libraries for 2021. The POCO C++ Libraries (POCO stands for POrtable COmponents) are open source C++ class libraries for building connected applications for desktop, server, mobile, IoT, and embedded systems. POCO has grown steadily in popularity since it was founded […]

Visual Studio 2017 Installer May Break Visual Studio 2008 on WoW64

As it happened in my case, the Visual Studio 2017 installer (Community Edition, but maybe also other editions) may break an existing Visual Studio 2008 installation. Specifically, when you run Visual Studio 2008 under WoW64 (e.g., from a TeamCity agent or similar), the Visual Studio $(WindowsSdkDir) variable will be undefined after running the 2017 installer, […]

CII Best Practices

I recently did a review of our project with regards to the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Best Practices, in order to ensure we’re following industry best practices with POCO. Things looked very good, with only a few best practices missing, which I have fixed in the meantime: Updated the CONTRIBUTING.md file to include a statement […]

POCO Usage Survey – Results

After having it open for 20 days, I have closed our POCO Usage survey today. We’ve collected 53 responses in total which is not really that much but at least something to work with. So, without further ado, here are the results: Question 1: Which POCO libraries are you currently using in your project? We […]

POCO Usage Survey – Please Help

I’ve created a short survey on SurveyMonkey to get some insights how POCO is being used. Please take it – should not take more than three minutes. Your input will help us make future POCO releases better. Thank you!

POCO C++ Libraries in biicode

The POCO C++ Libraries are now available via biicode, in the following versions: fenix/poco (develop) -> changing continuously fenix/poco (v1.6.0) fenix/poco (v1.5.4) fenix/poco (v1.4.7p1) The following post has been contributed by Fran Ramírez from the biicode team. You can also find the original post on the biicode blog. Benefits biicode is a file based dependency […]

POCO 1.5.3 Release Candidate 1 Available

Release Candidate 1 of POCO 1.5.3 has been tagged on the GitHub. Release 1.5.3 is scheduled for June 30 2014.

POCO 1.5.2 Release Candidate 2 Available

Due to a significant amount of fixes during the last week, 1.5.2 Release Candidate 2 is now tagged on GitHub. Please report any problems back to this list or as a GitHub issue. To allow for more testing, release projection was pushed forward a week, to June 24 2013. POCO Team

POCO 1.5.2 Release Candidate 1 Available

1.5.2 Release Candidate 1 is now tagged on GitHub: Please report any problems back to this list or as a GitHub issue. Release is projected for June 17 2013. POCO Team