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POCO C++ Libraries Release 1.12.5p2 and 1.11.8p2 Available

These patch releases fix a long-standing integer overflow bug in Poco::UTF32Encoding. Upgrading from earlier releases is strongly advised. For completeness, here is the CHANGELOG for 1.12.5p2, and here the CHANGELOG for 1.11.8p2.

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POCOpro C++ Frameworks Release 2023.1 Available

We are happy to announce release 2023.1 of the POCOPRO C++ Frameworks. This release contains a number of improvements in the commercially-licensed Open Service Platform (OSP) and Remoting frameworks. This release is based on POCO C++ Libraries release 1.11.6. OSP Changes Remoting Changes For our customers, source code packages are available on our download server.

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POCO Training & Consulting in the USA

As posted earlier, I will spend this summer in Silicon Valley from beginning of July to end of September. This is a great opportunity if anyone is interested in a POCO training, as I can offer these with significantly reduced travel expenses. I’m also available for occasional consulting services during that period. Please contact us […]

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Windows CE Support Is Here

Good news for everyone looking for Windows CE support in POCO. We have created a port of the POCO C++ Libraries to Windows CE 6 based on the current 1.3.7 branch. The port should work on Windows CE 5.x as well, however, testing has only been done on a Windows CE 6 device. There are […]

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! I’ll take off until Tuesday, then finish the 1.3.4 release so that it goes out next week. A few last-minute additions have unfortunately delayed the release quite a bit. But it’s worth the wait. Some of the new goodies in 1.3.4 include a fully writable XMLConfiguration, a new Poco::Util::Timer class that […]

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POCO on iPhone

I have just added a build configuration for the iPhone (using the Apple SDK) to the SVN Repository (will also be part of 1.3.4). So, now it’s possible to use POCO in iPhone applications with ease. Simply build the POCO libs for the iPhone, add the necessary library and header file search paths to your […]

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POCO on Tiny Hardware

We recently got our hands on a Digi Connect ME 9210, one of the smallest Linux-capable embedded computers in the world. The system, which is just a bit larger than an Ethernet RJ-45 socket, is based on an ARM9 CPU running at 75 MHz. With 4 MB of Flash and 8 MB or DRAM, the […]

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Fun With Mindstorms®, POCO and the iPhone™ Accelerometer

Here at Applied Informatics, we like to have fun at work. We recently built a Mindstorms vehicle that’s remote controlled by the iPhone’s accelerometer. To add some POCO touch to it, the iPhone does not talk directly to the Mindstorms NXT, but to a Digi ConnectCore 9P running Linux and a POCO-based application. Connected to […]

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