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Release 1.11.0 Available (Finally!)

After a way too long time since the last release, POCO C++ Libraries release 1.11.0 is now available. We are sorry for the long delay (both Alex and I were too busy with other work) and promise to do better in the future. This release introduces ActiveRecord, a simple and lightweight object-relational mapping (ORM) framework […]


Top 13 C++ Libraries to Watch Out For

Incredibuild’s list of 13 C++ libraries to watch out for includes the POCO C++ Libraries right after the standard library and Boost. A good position to be in 🙂 They also made a short video.


Release 1.10.1 Available

This is a maintenance release that removes the bugs that sneaked into the 1.10.0 release and adds some features that did not make it into the 1.10.0 release. Upgrading is recommended. As usual, the complete list of changes is in the CHANGELOG.


Release 1.10.0 Available

Release 1.10 is a major feature release, introducing C++14 support and the new JWT (JSON Web Token) library, as well as the PostgreSQL connector for the Data library. Other notable features are NTLM authentication support in the Net library and TLS 1.3 support in the NetSSL library. Please see the CHANGELOG for the full list […]


Release 1.9.4 Available

This is a security-focused maintenance release that fixes a CVE (CVE-2019-15903) in the bundled libexpat XML parser library by updating it to release 2.2.8. Upgrading to this release is highly recommended.


Release 1.9.2 Available

This is a maintenance release that most importantly updates the bundled libexpat XML parser library to release 2.2.7, which fixes a potential vulnerability (CVE-2018-20843). The release also includes fixes to CMake when building on Windows with a Windows 10 SDK (mc.exe not found) and to the caching framework. See the CHANGELOG for details. Upgrading is […]


Release 1.9.1 Available

Release 1.9.1 of the POCO C++ Libraries is available. This is a maintenance release, fixing a few bugs and upgrading bundled external components PCRE and SQLite to newer versions. Upgrading to this release is recommended. As always, please refer to the CHANGELOG for the details. This is the last regular release supporting older C++03 compilers, […]


POCOpro C++ Frameworks Release 2018.1

I’m happy to announce the latest release of the POCOPRO C++ Frameworks. The POCOPRO C++ Frameworks are Remoting for C++ and Open Service Platform. Remoting for C++ helps C++ developers implementing REST APIs, web services, microservices and distributed applications. Open Service Platform enables dynamic C++ applications based on a powerful and flexible plug-in and services […]

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New Project Website

After eight years it’s been about time for a new project website for the POCO C++ Libraries. And here it is. It features a completely new look, responsive design, and gives easy access to the most important information about POCO.


Release 1.9.0 Available

Release 1.9.0 of the POCO C++ Libraries is available. Major new features include additional text encodings, available in the PocoEncodings library, and support for Internationalized Domain Names in the Poco::Net::DNS class. See the CHANGELOG for the full list of all 20+ changes. Upgrading to this release is recommended.