POCOpro C++ Frameworks Release 2023.1 Available

We are happy to announce release 2023.1 of the POCOPRO C++ Frameworks.

This release contains a number of improvements in the commercially-licensed Open Service Platform (OSP) and Remoting frameworks. This release is based on POCO C++ Libraries release 1.11.6.

OSP Changes

  • Improved authentication service with more secure password hashing (supporting PBKDF2 with HMAC-SHA256). Furthermore, it’s possible to configure a session timeout, which is useful for MySQL servers that close the connection after a time of inactivity. 
  • The username and password for the OSP Shell Client can now also be given in environment variables OSPSH_USERNAME and OSPSH_PASSWORD
  • Various minor internal improvements.

Remoting Changes

  • RemoteGen now generates a correct isA() member function in the interface class for OSP services. 
  • RemoteGen no longer crashes if it encounters a self-referencing type declaration. 
  • Added the MinimumIntervalAndDeltaFilter event filter. 
  • Improved handling of types defined in the service class.

For our customers, source code packages are available on our download server.

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