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POCO on CppCast

POCO was featured in the Episode 18 on CppCast.

Meet me at Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, June 17, in Paris

I’ll be at the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, a full-day IoT Innovation conference in Paris on June 17. Meet me there to see a demo of macchina.io, my new really cool POCO-based platform for building IoT gateways and devices. The event features technical and business tracks, plenty of real-life use cases, an exciting showroom with […]

POCO C++ Libraries in biicode

The POCO C++ Libraries are now available via biicode, in the following versions: fenix/poco (develop) -> changing continuously fenix/poco (v1.6.0) fenix/poco (v1.5.4) fenix/poco (v1.4.7p1) The following post has been contributed by Fran Ramírez from the biicode team. You can also find the original post on the biicode blog. Benefits biicode is a file based dependency […]

Embedded World 2015

Günter Obiltschnig will be at Embedded World February 24 to 25. We don’t have a booth, but Günter would be happy to meet for lunch, coffee or a drink. Please get in touch if you’d like to schedule a meeting.

Stable Release 1.6.0 Available!

Release 1.6.0 is the culmination of the work done on GitHub over the last two years, including five development releases. It includes major new features from new contributors, like the JSON and MongoDB libraries, much improved Data library, CMake support, as well as numerous other new features and fixes. A big Thank You to everyone […]

Release 1.4.7p1 Available

Release 1.4.7p1 fixes a few issues in 1.4.7 and earlier releases. Most important, the Visual C++ project files for Visual C++ 2010 and later have optimization enabled in release builds. Previous builds had optimization disabled due to a bug in Visual Studio when upgrading 2008 project files with custom optimization settings. There’s a new feature […]

Stable Release 1.4.7 and Development Release 1.5.4 Available

Release 1.4.7 is the final release of the 1.4 series and contains bugfixes and a few new features. Development release 1.5.4 should also be the final release of the 1.5 series, before 1.5 “graduates” to stable 1.6. As usual, available on the download page or directly from GitHub.

Development Release 1.5.3 Available

Development Release 1.5.3 is now available for download. Release highlights: New Libraries: SevenZip New Classes: Poco::Clock Poco::Net::NTPClient New major features: Windows PowerShell build script New Platforms supported: SmartOS Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and many more bugfixes and improvements; see the CHANGELOG for details. Available on the download page or from GitHub.


POCO 1.5.3 Release Candidate 1 Available

Release Candidate 1 of POCO 1.5.3 has been tagged on the GitHub. Release 1.5.3 is scheduled for June 30 2014.

See POCO in Action at Embedded World

I’m having a lot of fun at Embedded World 2014, showing our new IoT Plaform based (of course) on POCO. Thanks to everyon who’s already visited. Really enjoyed the chats. If you’re in Nürnberg, come to hall 4, booth 470h.