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Archive: September, 2007

Data News

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Two significant modifications to Poco::Data:

1) Due to the perils of std::vector<bool>, sdt::deque was promoted to the default RecordSet container

2) Asynchronous execution support:

// execute asynchronous statement
Statement stmt = (ses << "SELECT (age) FROM Person", into(age), async, now);
// ... do something else
Statement::ResultType rows = stmt.wait();

Code is in SVN. User Manual has been updated accordingly.

Data User Manual Updated

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The Data User Manual has been updated to reflect the recent changes in the Data library.
Comments, opinions, flames … all welcome 😉

QNX Open Sourced

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There is not much changed in the commercial licensing but now it is possible to get Neutrino/Momentics perpetual license for non-commercial use.

Also, there is a software repository available for third-party products running on QNX.