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Archive: June, 2010

Start Testing 1.3.7

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1.3.7 will be released in the coming weeks. The release is mostly complete; depending on available time a few more of the open bugs may be fixed. One more thing will be added in the coming days – support for 64 bit builds on Windows (Visual Studio 2008) in the form of updated project files.

Here is the CHANGELOG.

Please test this release, I am looking forward to your feedback.

Update: fixed a few more issues and added some nice new features today. Given that we have significant new features in this release, I will change the version number to 1.4.0 before the official release. For now, development will continue in the 1.3.7 branch. Current trunk will some day become either 1.5 or 2.0.

Windows CE Support Is Here

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Good news for everyone looking for Windows CE support in POCO. We have created a port of the POCO C++ Libraries to Windows CE 6 based on the current 1.3.7 branch. The port should work on Windows CE 5.x as well, however, testing has only been done on a Windows CE 6 device. There are a few minor restrictions to some POCO features, due to restrictions in the Windows CE operating system (e.g., no support for environment variables, no pipes), but apart from that, almost all libraries can be used.

Starting today, the Windows CE port is available to our support subscription customers upon request. If you’re not yet a support customer, you can become one here.

More information about the Windows CE port is available here.