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POCO is on the Move

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After many months of absence and low-level involvement with the project (for personal and professional reasons), I am back. We also have commitment from two other community members (Marian Krivos and Franky Braem) to help significantly with the project. For starters, Marian has retired old and I have just committed brand new trunk code. For the time being, it was only built on Windows, but we’ll have other builds ready within the next week or two.

Most significant new features are:

  • DynamicAny (now known as Poco::Dynamic::Var, although Poco::DynamicAny will still work) improvements
  • Poco::Data improvements (DateTime support, bulk operations, SessionPool, Transaction support, async SQL execution, in-memory SQLite … warning, though – we broke old Poco::Data code!)
  • Poco::PDF library
  • Poco::JSON library and Poco::Util::JSONConfiguration (not in the trunk yet, will be soon)
  • VS project generator
  • PocoDoc generator

And many more other improvements. This code is base for 1.5 release, which we are targeting for mid-September¬†Aug 27 July 4 30 (to steal the fireworks thunder ūüėČ ). At the same time, we are actively working with C++ Standards Committee on the proposal for inclusion of POCO into the C++ standard. Yes, async I/O is on our TODO list. I won’t promise it for 1.5, though, unless I get a committed contributor¬†willing¬†to write it.

Which brings me to the “last but not least”: we need contributors (library or build/test system owners/maintainers in particular) and sponsors. If you are¬†benefiting¬†from POCO, please consider helping in any way you can. This can be by contributing code, owning a library or other concern (build system, tests, samples, platform, OS installation packages …), providing CI server space, sponsoring, etc.

Let’s join forces and give POCO the boost (no pun intended) it deserves.

EDIT (Oct 15 2012): little bit more than 3 months late, we have POCO 1.5.0. Thanks to everyone who helped with this release.

Coming to Silicon Valley

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I will be in Silicon Valley this summer (July 3 to September 26) and I’m looking to rent a furnished one-bedroom apartment in or near Sunnyvale. If you know or can recommend a place for me and my family to stay at please let me know (guenter at I’ll have an office in the Plug & Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, so anything within about 30 minutes of driving distance would be great. Looking forward to spend this summer in California and to meeting all you POCO users in Silicon Valley!