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Applied Informatics at ESE Kongress 2013

Meet me at Embedded Software Engineering Kongress in Sindelfingen, Germany, from December 3-5 in the exhibition area and if you’re there, don’t miss my talk “Sichere Fernwartung über das Internet” (secure internet-based remote access and management) on Thursday, December 5. Looking forward to meeting you there! Günter

Overload “Dynamic C++, Part I” Article

The first part of “Dynamic C++” article has been published in the ACCU Overload Journal.

“C++ Now” Presentations

On Thursday, May 16 2013, there will be two POCO-related presentations at the C++ Now conference in Aspen, Colorado: Dynamic C++ This is a “replay” of ACCU Conference 2013 presentation from Bristol, UK. Look Ma, “update DB to HTML5 using C++”, no hands! This is an “upgrade” of the Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012 presentation, […]

Dynamic C++ in a nutshell

Slides are available on SlideShare Courtesy of Schalk Cronjé tweet – his notes on the ACCU 2013 Dynamic C++ presentation:

Dynamic C++ at ACCU 2013

On April 11 2013, at the ACCU 2013 conference in Bristol (UK), a 90 minute “Dynamic C++” tutorial  will be presented: Data from external sources comes in diverse types and brings along the need for datatype conversion. How can a C++ programmer accurately and efficiently transfer data from relational or XML database to JSON or HTML without stumbling […]

Herb Sutter on the Future of C++

The Future of C++ Friday, November 2, 2012 12:45pm (U.S. Pacific Time) This talk will give an update on recent progress and near-future directions for C++, both at Microsoft and across the industry, with some announcements of interest in both areas. The speaker is the lead language architect of Visual C++ and chair of the […]

Standard C++ Foundation

It’s official! C++ now has it’s own “Marketing Department” and a reliable place to go learn about the language, where is it going and what’s happening around it. According to isoccp.org About page, goals are: 1) To promote dissemination of correct and up-to-date information about modern C++. 2) To promote greater availability of high-quality C++ […]

“Dynamic C++” Presentation Slides

The Code Camp 2012 “Dynamic C++” presentation went really well. There was 40+ attendees and lots of participation, discussion, interesting questions and suggestions. Slides are here. Thanks a lot to everyone who attended and helped with this event. EDIT: Code from the presentation is also available now.

“Dynamic C++” presentation at Silicon Valley Code Camp

I will speak at the Silicon Valley Code Camp (Oct 6-7 @ Foothill College in Los Altos, CA). The title of the speech is “Dynamic C++”; here is the description: The C++ static type system is beneficial in many ways; it can, however, also be a straitjacket. Is there a rationale for dynamic type layer on top […]

Intro to POCO Talk at ACCU USA, Wed Aug 8

I will give a talk titled “An Introduction to The POCO C++ Libraries” on Wednesday, August 8, at the monthly ACCU USA meeting. It will be at the Symantec VCAFE Building, 350 Ellis Street in Mountain View, CA. Doors will be open at 6:30pm, the talk will start at 7:00pm. Attendance is open to all […]