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Archive: September, 2006

C++ is the answer. What is the question?

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It does not cease to amaze me how large corporate marketing machines sucesfully create false perceptions. I mean, everyone knows Java is the language skill de jour. At least Sun, IBM and Oracle would like you to believe so. Or, was it C#? No need to spell out who wants you to believe that ;-).

Anyway, here’s a question: What is the most wanted programming language skill in U.S. today?
Hint: before you answer, think again.

POCO Remoting: Transform your existing C++ Code to a Service oriented Architecture in minutes

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Based on POCO – the open source network-centric, cross-platform C++ library – Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH, the expert to connect embedded systems with enterprise IT infrastructure, offers a Remoting Package, which is

  • non intrusive: no need to extend interfaces or change already existing code so that it can run remotely
  • simple: take your C++ class and add one single property to it. The code generators will do the rest.
  • transport independent
  • fast
  • SOAP and WSDL ready.

An Overview and User Manual is available here. The Remoting Package is available under Applied Informatics Support Subscriptions.

Introducing POCO Data

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The Data library is POCOs new database abstraction layer. It features a generic SQL data access framework which defines interfaces for DataConnectors. A DataConnector implements the plumbing between Data and an actual database API (e.g., ODBC, OCI, etc.)

POCO Data heavily builds on ideas borrowed from SOCI, another excellent database abstraction library under the Boost license.

The source code for POCO Data currently lives in the SVN Sandbox. The only DataConnector currently available is for SQLite, which limits the usability of POCO Data somewhat ;-). However, more connectors (ODBC, OCI) will be available soon.

An overview and user manual for POCO Data can be found here.

If anyone wants to contribute connectors (e.g. to MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2), you are welcome!

POCO 1.2.3 Released

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POCO 1.2.3 has been released today.

Changes since 1.2.2:
– configure script now checks if (auto)selected configuration is supported
– fixed SF #1552904: NamedEvent bug?
– fixed SF #1552787: POCO not handling EINTR
– fixed SF #1552846: Random::~Random uses scalar delete
– fixed SF #1552987: TLSSlot should explicitly default-construct _value
– IPAddress no longer accepts an empty address string
– split up Observer.h into AbstractObserver.h and Observer.h
– added NObserver class template which supports an AutoPtr argument for the notification callback
– changed EchoServer sample to use NObserver
– some Windows-specific files were missing in the tarballs



First Worldwide POCO Community Convention

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September 2 was the date of the first “wordwide” POCO Community Convention when I met with Alex in Lovran, near Rijeka in Croatia. Alex lived in that area for 30 years before he moved to the USA, and came back for two weeks to visit his parents. Since at the same time I spent my vacation there, this was a great opportunity to meet him in person for the first time, after knowing him only from the many e-mail conversations we had in the last 18 months.

We had a great time, including a phantastic lunch at a place called “Najade”, right by the sea (thank you, Alex!).


POCO 1.2.2 Released

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POCO 1.2.2 has been released today.
This is a bugfix release only. See the CHANGELOG for the list of fixes.

(And for those of you overwhelmed by the high number of releases in the last days: there won’t be any new releases at least for the next two weeks, as I am starting my vacation today :-))