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New Monthly Downloads Record

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Today we’ve finally reached more than 3000 monthly downloads of the POCO C++ Libraries, according to SourceForge download statistics. Still a looong way to go until we reach the 2000+ downloads a day that Boost has, though…
Download Statistics

DynamicAny Article in ACCU Overload (II)

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The second installment of DynamicAny article has been published in the October issue of ACCU Overload. Speed and code size comparison benchmarks against boost::any and boost::lexical_cast are the topics addressed in this installment. Enjoy.

Website Update (II)

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We have made some more progress with the new website, and we will try to do the switch over to the new site next Monday (Oct. 27). The current website will be temporarily unavailable while we make the switch (especially the blog, wiki and forums). Since the change also involves a DNS update, it may take a few additional hours for the site to be available to everybody.

POCO IEEE Presentation

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On Tuesday, October 21 2008, I’ll have an honor and pleasure of speaking to the members of the Coastal South Carolina IEEE Chapter about open source, C++ and – POCO.

Website Update

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Now that the 1.3.3 release is out, it’s time for the next undertaking – the POCO project website update. As discussed previously, we will replace Tiki with MediaWiki and phpBB. During the summer, two interns have written conversion scripts that will move user accounts, wiki pages and the forum content to the new platform. Furthermore, we will change the hosting provider and move to a Virtual Private Server hosted by DynDNS. This will give us the option to host additional services in the future. More importantly, this will also fix the availability problems with the current website, as well as the nasty forum registration failure. If all goes well, the new site will be up in November.

Release 1.3.3p1 Available

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I have created a new 1.3.3 release that fixes the Crypto compile error on 64-bit Linux, as well as the broken Makefile in the Zip archive distribution. Also, the README has been updated with a section discussing the external dependencies of NetSSL, Crypto, Data/ODBC and Data/MySQL. The SVN revision for this release is 964 in the 1.3.3 branch.



POCO 1.3.3 Available

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I am happy to announce that release 1.3.3 of the POCO C++ Libraries is finally available. More than any other release before, this release was a true community effort. Sergey Kholodilov contributed the MySQL connector for Data, and Ferdinand Beyer contributed the foundation of what now is the Crypto library. Chris Johnson helped bringing POCO to Cygwin and MinGW. Jiang Shan provided valuable input and bugfixes. Sergey Skorokhodov backported bugfixes from the trunk to the 1.3.3 release. And many others sent us bug reports or patches (see the Contributors page for a full list). Thank you! Last but not least I’d like to thank Alex “Mr. Data” Fabijanic, who was the driving force behind that release, and who also helped to bring POCO forward during periods when I was too much occupied by other projects.

So, what’s new in 1.3.3?
Release 1.3.3 of the POCO C++ Libraries contains over 60 improvements and bug fixes. Improvements have been made to the multithreading classes (user-settable stack size), to events (simplified syntax based on new delegate function template), logging (time-based log file rotation), reactor framework, and others (see the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes). Support for MySQL has been added to the Data library. New Crypto and Zip libraries have been added. The build system has been revised, and the POCO C++ Libraries now work with GCC 4.3 and Visual Studio 2008.

And now let’s work full steam on the 1.4 release!

Picross anyone?

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I finally decided that’s its time to show how one can use the WebWidgets library. The previous sample in the ExtjS/Samples directory is, well, I am not sure if it deserves to be called a sample 🙂
So if you wanted to take a look at WebWidgets and learn how to write your own WebGUIs, I’d recommend to start with the Picross sample (see here for an explanation what Picross is).
The implementation is rather simple (ie trading features for simpler and easier code). A sync to svn trunk is required, start the Picross sample, then open your web browser and point it to the location at http:/localhost:9980.
Feel free to extend it into a fully fledged application. For example, try to add two Images to the left, upper part of the grid, which allow you to switch between “mark as selected/mark as empty” mode. Currently only mark as selected is per default supported.


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I just couldn’t resist and preordered one of those.
Now I just have to wait till end of November, then we can add the Pandora as an official POCO build target