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Picross anyone?

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I finally decided that’s its time to show how one can use the WebWidgets library. The previous sample in the ExtjS/Samples directory is, well, I am not sure if it deserves to be called a sample 🙂
So if you wanted to take a look at WebWidgets and learn how to write your own WebGUIs, I’d recommend to start with the Picross sample (see here for an explanation what Picross is).
The implementation is rather simple (ie trading features for simpler and easier code). A sync to svn trunk is required, start the Picross sample, then open your web browser and point it to the location at http:/localhost:9980.
Feel free to extend it into a fully fledged application. For example, try to add two Images to the left, upper part of the grid, which allow you to switch between “mark as selected/mark as empty” mode. Currently only mark as selected is per default supported.

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