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Plans and Roadmap

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With the 1.4 release now delayed for a few more weeks, we will put out a 1.3.4 release in February. Focus of this release will be bugfixes (the known bugs in 1.3.3), performance improvements (I am currently spending some time with valgrind/kcachgrind) and other minor improvements. After that, we’ll hopefully finish 1.4 for a release in Spring.

As for the time after 1.4, I am thinking about going to 2.0. What I’d like to do is to introduce some changes that will break backwards compatibility. For example, I’d like to change all interfaces that currently use plain pointer to use smart pointers (this will mostly affect the XML library and the Net library). Also possible is a split-up of the Foundation library, which already has grown to a size that’s no longer comfortable. We should also start thinking about aligning POCO with C++0x.

Breaking backwards compatibility will however mean that we also have to maintain the 1.4 (and even 1.3) branches for some time, as not everyone will want to upgrade to 2.0.

Any comments?

What’s going on

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For those folks who are wondering what’s been going on, when is there going to be next release etc, here’s the answer:

Prior to 1.3.3 release, I voluntarily took over taking care of the ongoing project maintenance. Then Guenter kicked in for 1.3.3 release, did the great deal of work and early October we pushed the release out the door. Since there’s not a whole lot to do for 1.4, I was hoping to have it out by Christmas 2008, but that obviously did not materialize. Although I am still actively maintaining the project, due to the current economic conditions, I am also quite busy (besides my day job) doing some things not related to POCO. So, what does this mean for POCO? It means that things will develop slower than we would like them to, but they will progress nevertheless as our schedules permit (which has a lot to do with the overall economic conditions). We do not know when exactly it will happen and I personally hate not to deliver on my promises, so I will make none. Whenever we get an opportunity to dedicate it a proper amount of time, we will push for 1.4.

As usual – any help, be it bug reports, code, patches or financial contributions is greatly appreciated.