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With the 1.4 release now delayed for a few more weeks, we will put out a 1.3.4 release in February. Focus of this release will be bugfixes (the known bugs in 1.3.3), performance improvements (I am currently spending some time with valgrind/kcachgrind) and other minor improvements. After that, we’ll hopefully finish 1.4 for a release in Spring.

As for the time after 1.4, I am thinking about going to 2.0. What I’d like to do is to introduce some changes that will break backwards compatibility. For example, I’d like to change all interfaces that currently use plain pointer to use smart pointers (this will mostly affect the XML library and the Net library). Also possible is a split-up of the Foundation library, which already has grown to a size that’s no longer comfortable. We should also start thinking about aligning POCO with C++0x.

Breaking backwards compatibility will however mean that we also have to maintain the 1.4 (and even 1.3) branches for some time, as not everyone will want to upgrade to 2.0.

Any comments?

  1. Hello,

    I’m mostly curious about aligning with C++0x.

    Personally I prefer many of the Poco abstractions to the standard ones, but I suspect that the standard solutions to threading, smart pointers, etc, will prove more “future-proof”.

    Poco has its own smart pointers, for example, any chance you’ll look into replacing them with std::(tr1)::unique_ptr/std::(tr1)::shared_ptr for 2.0?

    – Kim

    Comment by Kim Gräsman on January 28, 2009, 10:54

  2. Hum.. that’s great, split the Fundation and put C++0x on the planning for 2.0 is a good start. Good reasons for a 2.0 without backwards compatibility.



    Comment by Alessandro Ungaro on January 28, 2009, 17:07

  3. I’ve got a few enhancement/bug-fix ideas to put in the tracker. Have you already drawn the line for the release, or do you have a deadline for accepting possible changes?

    Comment by Grant on January 29, 2009, 14:05

  4. There’s still time for change requests. File a request on Sourceforge, or send me an email. I cannot promise anything, but I’ll try to put as many fixes as possible into the next release.

    Comment by guenter on January 29, 2009, 16:53

  5. Is there any indication when the serial support in poco will be released? (or is it still usable from the sandbox version?)

    Comment by Mark on February 2, 2009, 17:14

  6. Sounds great, I just want to add that I also am really interested in the serial support…

    Comment by Erik on February 2, 2009, 23:39

  7. the xml lib still not support Chinese

    Comment by coolzdp on February 4, 2009, 08:25

  8. As for serial support, you can try the Sandbox version. Windows will work, Linux/Unix is mostly done, but needs testing.

    XML supports chinese if you use UTF-8 or another Unicode encoding. If you want support for other Chinese text encodings, someone will have to contribute code for that (see the TextEncoding class in Foundation) or pay someone to do this.

    Comment by guenter on February 4, 2009, 08:48

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