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PocoSSH – open issues

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There are two issues with the PocoSSH library:

  • The SSHSchannelStream doesn’t allow to query if data is waiting to be read. The SSHChannelStreamBuf class has a private method bool data() but it isn’t working. I’m not sure if it’s an error with sshlib or with my implementation. The lack of this method makes using the SSHSchannelInputStream class rather cumbersome, so could anyone give this a try, and look over my code?
  • sftp is not supported. Should ideally extend from Poco::Net::FTPClientSession. Volunteers?
  • Thx

    1. “Volunteers?” I’d say: Volunteers!!! 😉

      Seriously now, for all the folks using POCO:

      The community is sincerely thankful for all the contributions, no matter how small. But we need more contributors that would take a chunk of workload of any size and follow it to the fruition. If you are benefiting from POCO, please consider giving back by contributing. From my own experience I know you will be welcomed and ultimately proud to be part of this effort.

      The folks from Applied Informatics have really done a great job so far by giving us extremely well designed, useful and stable framework. It’s time to give back and make it even better.

      Comment by alex on August 8, 2007, 18:08

    2. Any word on the issue with bool data() of SSHChannelStreamBuf?

      I’m excited about being able to use this SSH addition to the library. I’m trying it out now and I get immediately tripped by an inability to read all available response data after running a command.

      I looked over the code and I can’t say I have any ideas of a fix. So before I spend more time, has anyone come to conclusions on this topic?

      I’ll post this on the email list too just in case.

      Comment by Tim on September 4, 2007, 21:42

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