Release 1.10.0 Available

Release 1.10 is a major feature release, introducing C++14 support and the new JWT (JSON Web Token) library, as well as the PostgreSQL connector for the Data library. Other notable features are NTLM authentication support in the Net library and TLS 1.3 support in the NetSSL library. Please see the CHANGELOG for the full list of 60+ changes.

Incompatible Changes and Possible Transition Issues

The POCO C++ Libraries now require a C++14 compiler (GCC 5, Clang 3.4, Visual C++ 2015).

Visual Studio project and solution files for versions prior to 2015 have been removed. Furthermore, the separate projects and solutions for 64-bit builds have been removed and configurations have been merged in a single project file.

POCO’s fixed-size integer types are now based on <cstdint> types. This changes the definition of Poco::Int64 and Poco::UInt64 on some platforms, which may affect existing code.

Many methods exposing raw pointers have been changed to use smart pointers (usually Poco::SharedPtr or Poco::AutoPtr) instead. This may break some existing code. Specifically, the Logging framework in the Foundation library and the Configuration framework in the Util library have been changed.