Not Dead Yet ;-)

(to paraphrase the book title of Philip David Charles Collins LVO’s excellent biography)

A very busy (and in too many other ways “interesting”) year comes to an end. Now would be a good time to reflect upon what has happened in the POCO C++ Libraries project this year. Which is … unfortunately … not that much. Early this year, the 1.10.0 and 1.10.1 releases went out. Then, the world went crazy. I was in the fortunate situation to have plenty of paid work all year long. In fact, so much work that there was no time left to work on Poco. Nevertheless, Poco was used heavily in the (very interesting) projects I worked on this year. One outcome of this is that Poco will soon have a new library. It’s a very lightweight ORM library based on the Active Record pattern, including a code generator that helps to greatly reduce the boilerplate SQL one has to write. On another positive note, it speaks for Poco as a mature and reliable project when one can go through a full year of using it heavily without the need for fixes.

Nevertheless, a new release is now more than overdue. The current plan is to have a new release ready end of January or early February. A good goal would be to have two regular releases each year, and hopefully we’ll be able to deliver that next year.

With that, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021.

Photo credit: iStock/edolzan