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Introducing PageCompiler and ApacheConnector

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As promised a few days ago, here are two new and cool addition to POCO.

PageCompiler is a simple compiler that translates HTML pages containing embedded C++ code (using syntax familiar from JSP and PHP) into HTTPRequestHandler classes.

ApacheConnector is a module for Apache 2.x that allows you to use POCO HTTPRequestHandler subclasses in Apache. The simplest way to write Apache modules.

The sources are in the Subversion trunk and will make it into coming POCO releases.
Documentation (in PocoDoc format, but human-readable) is in the doc directory of each project.

Feedback and contributions wanted!

  1. I’d suggest you pull out write…() member functions from Application into it’s own class hierarchy like this:

     |==> ApacheWriter
     |==> OSPWriter
     |==> ServletWriter

    Also, svn is much better viewed through viewvc

    My $.2


    Comment by alex on January 17, 2008, 02:31

  2. I have done some refactoring of PageCompiler, as proposed by Alex. Code is in SVN.

    Comment by guenter on January 17, 2008, 17:42

  3. Thanks 🙂

    BTW, if anyone was wondering why I have contributed twenty cents instead of two, it’s because of the current US Dollar dismal exchange rate 😉

    Comment by alex on January 23, 2008, 04:56

  4. These folks seem to be working on something similar to PageCompiler

    Comment by Paschal on February 2, 2008, 05:33

  5. tntnet is an application server

    However PageCompiler and ApacheConnector make use of the wide-spread Apache server which is a major plus IHMO…

    I for one know that I won’t be using just any odd http server due to stability and security issues. Apache is robust and scales well in this area.

    Please keep this project going. It will open a whole new world for C++ web development.

    Also are things like sessions already supported?

    Comment by coward on April 15, 2008, 04:38

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