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1.3.2 is Coming

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Release 1.3.2 is on its way. For the impatient, a release candidate is available from the SVN repository.
Following is a list of changes since 1.3.1:
– added POCO_NO_SHAREDMEMORY to Config.h
– POCO_NO_WSTRING now really disables all wide string related calls
– added template specialization for string hashfunction (performance)
– XML parser performance improvements (SAX parser is now up to 40 % faster
– added parseMemoryNP() to XMLReader and friends
– URIStreamOpener improvement: redirect logic is now in URIStreamOpener.
this enables support for redirects from http to https.
– added support for temporary redirects and useproxy return code
– added getBlocking() to Socket
– added File::isHidden()
– better WIN64 support (AMD64 and IA64 platforms are recognized)
– added support for timed lock operations to [Fast]Mutex
– SharedLibrary: dlopen() is called with RTLD_GLOBAL instead of RTLD_LOCAL
– Poco::Timer threads can now run with a specified priority
– added testcase for SF# 1774351
– fixed SF# 1784772: Message::swap omits _tid mem
– fixed SF# 1790894: IPAddress(addr,family) doesn’t fail on invalid address
– fixed SF# 1804395: Constructor argument name wrong
– fixed SF# 1806807: XMLWriter::characters should ignore empty strings
– fixed SF# 1806994: property application.runAsService set too late
– fixed SF# 1828908: HTMLForm does not encode ‘+’
– fixed SF# 1831871: Windows configuration file line endings not correct.
– fixed SF# 1845545: TCP server hangs on shutdown
– fixed SF# 1846734: Option::validator() does not behave according to doc
– fixed SF# 1856567: Assertion in DateTimeParser::tryParse()
– fixed SF# 1864832: HTTP server sendFile() uses incorrect date
– HTTPServerResponseImpl now always sets the Date header automatically
in the constructor.
– fixed SF# 1787667: DateTimeFormatter and time related classes
(also SF# 1800031: The wrong behavior of time related classes)
– fixed SF# 1829700: TaskManager::_taskList contains tasks that never started
– fixed SF# 1834127: Anonymous enums in Tuple.h result in invalid C++
– fixed SF# 1834130: RunnableAdapter::operator= not returning a value
– fixed SF# 1873924: Add exception code to NetException
– fixed SF# 1873929: SMTPClientSession support for name in sender field
– logging performance improvements (PatternFormatter)

The final release should be out after some more testing by the end of this week.

  1. Looks good. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Rekkai on January 29, 2008, 17:18

  2. Additional SF items fixed for 1.3.2:

    [1724388] ODBC Diagnostics
    [1804797] ODBC Statement multiple execution fails
    [1803435] SessionPool onJanitorTimer called too often?
    [1851997] Undefined Behavior in ODBC::Preparation
    [1883871] TypeList operator < fails for tuples with duplicate values

    Comment by alex on February 3, 2008, 00:25

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