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Call for POCO Usage Report

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Evidence of a widespread use is important part of becoming a mainstream framework and raising a potential user confidence. From that standpoint, POCO is not quite there yet, at least not “officially”. We do get frequent hits from many commercial entities, but only a small subset is factually verified and listed to use POCO.

This is a call to POCO users for report on usage. If you are using POCO in a commercial, scientific, non-profit or any other environment worth mentioning and you are not prevented by a legal obstacle, please consider giving back to the community by letting us know about it.

Thank you,

The POCO Team

  1. (i couldn’t access the forum, not sure where to put my reply, so ill do it here)

    POCO is being used in the new version of the open game engine mainly as part of our underlying utilities library which the engine itself is built upon. POCO is mainly used for its filesystem and threading features amongst other things (such as shared pointers).

    Comment by Chris Jones on April 1, 2008, 23:23

  2. This is as good place as any. Forum, mailing list or sending a message to folks at Applied Informatics are all fine.

    Comment by alex on April 1, 2008, 23:31

  3. Our company [RSYS] uses POCO in all new projects (Foundation, Xml, Util & Net). We are trying to add cmake support to POCO as well. Are there any plans to use STCP protocol in Poco::Net in future?

    Comment by Marian Krivos on April 2, 2008, 16:31

  4. Marian,

    Thank you for sharing. There are CMake files in contrib directory (likely out of date), so you may want to look there before starting from scratch. Feel free to submit the changes back.

    As for SCTP, I’d definitely like to see it in POCO, but there are no immediate plans for it AFAIK. A contribution would be welcome.

    Comment by alex on April 2, 2008, 16:47

  5. Sorry, correct website is:

    Comment by Marian Krivos on April 3, 2008, 08:45

  6. I’m working at Transpute B.V., a small consulting and software development company, targeted at traffic and transportation. I’ve used Poco for developping a ‘traffic data’ server on the Windows Platform and am now using Poco for a Linux based conversion program. Both are ‘dedicated, in-house’ projects (and completely useless for the rest of the world)

    I’m very impressed with the quality of the Poco framework and love the shared pointers, filesystem, logging and configuration facilities (you know, the boring stuff that takes a lot of time and generates a lot of errors when you have to re-invent it again and again…)
    I hope you keep up the good work (unfortunately my work so far has been using the framework instead of extending it, so there hasn’t been an opportunity ‘to give something back’ to the community).

    Kind regards,

    Comment by Cees van Nieuwenhuize on April 3, 2008, 11:19

  7. Cees,

    Thank you. By letting us know about how you use POCO and praising it, you have already given back.


    Comment by alex on April 3, 2008, 11:23

  8. I work at the Interactive Institutes Art and Technology program in Sweden and use Poco together with openFrameworks on OS X to develop installations etc. I switched to mainly working with c++ some months ago. Having previously worked with Objective C, ActionScript and Java I was initially baffled by the lack of descent general purpose libraries and how often you have to reinvent the wheel when programing in c++. Poco has made a world of difference, it feels fresh and is immensely usable. I now use poco in all my projects and try to model my own code base after it.

    openFrameworks ( will probably include poco at the core in future releases. Since of have several hundred active users/developers I think this is a good indicator of pocos quality and usefulness.

    What I wish for right now is serial and usb io, but it looks like that is in the works?



    Comment by erik on April 3, 2008, 14:52

  9. Erik,

    Thank you for sharing information with us.

    IO library is in the works, but there is no timeframe for release. Serial IO was tested on Windows but only coded and compiled for POSIX (not tested at all). USB would definitely be a welcome contribution, if someone would step in. The time and manpower we have is scarce, so contributions are permanently solicited and always welcome.


    Comment by alex on April 3, 2008, 15:23

  10. Sun Systems, Thailand

    We are using POCO in all our C++ based projects (Foundation, Util, Net, XML) as a foundation platform. Thanks a lot for such a great framework.

    Comment by Kamil on April 5, 2008, 15:36

  11. Thanks to all the people sharing their stories with us. Especially thanks to those who have directly updated the Wiki page.

    Comment by guenter on April 14, 2008, 19:28

  12. I was using Poco for a game engine. However I reluctantly dropped Poco for Boost (which I’m really not enjoying) for a few minor but important reasons.
    Yes, I could have changed Poco (as is the usual OSS response) but this isn’t exactly practical in the real world.
    I dropped Poco for its lack of weak pointer support and also because all of its classes seem to use private methods instead of protected.

    For example, I wanted to extend Poco’s AbstractFactory with a “hasInstantiator” but couldn’t as the instantiator container variable is private. I understand this is to prevent changes in behavior that need to be locked down to ensure the objects don’t introduce bugs, but thats my problem, not Poco’s.

    These are small problems, but would have required a lot of code duplication on my behalf.

    I would really love to return to Poco in the near future but these are minor, but important, drawbacks from my project’s perspective.

    Comment by Adam on June 30, 2008, 03:01

  13. Adam,

    I don’t understand the “not practical” statement. Did you ever ask for the changes you need to become part of the POCO codebase? We always solicit and welcome suggestions and feature requests. Weak pointer is something we’d like to have in POCO and we hope it is currently (finally) on the way. Unfortunately, people asking about it so far were not able or willing to contribute it themselves (BTW, it doesn’t really take much work – grab the boost one and POCO-ify it). As for the AbstractFactory, post your requirement as either feature request, patch or simple question on the development mailing list. We’ll talk about it and if the conclusion is that it makes sense, we’ll do it.


    Comment by alex on June 30, 2008, 04:17

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