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New 1.2 Snapshot Available

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A new snapshot release of 1.2 (poco-1.2-20060816) is available from SourceForge.
This release is now feature complete and contains the proposed changes to namespaces and header file locations. If no severe issues will show up, the official 1.2 release will be available next week.
The changelog is here. And the updated reference documentation is here.
Not all platforms have been tested yet.

I have released another snapshot today: poco-1.2-20060817
This release should work on all supported platforms, and it also contains improvements to command line argument handling in Util::Application. See the changelog for details.
The documentation has been updated.

Update 2:
Another snapshot: poco-1.2-20060818 (Changelog)

  1. Just a couple of cosmetic things about new Pipe(Stream).* files:

    – file headers are the old ones
    – files are classified under “Processes” in VisualStudio (don’t know about Pipe, but PipeStream definitely belongs under “Streams”)

    Also, I recollect I saw a mention of Fast Infoset at one point. What’s the scoop on that (coming in later releases, proprietary, …)?

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work, Guenter. Poco is joy 🙂

    Comment by alex on August 16, 2006, 18:41

  2. Thanks. I’ve fixed the headers.
    IMO Pipe and PipeStream belong to Processes, because they’re not really useful except together with Process.

    Fast Infoset is finished, but not under the Boost license.

    Comment by guenter on August 16, 2006, 18:58

  3. Guenter,

    not a big thing, but if you enter updates as comments (rather than editing the original post) they are automatically broadcast via RSS.


    Comment by alex on August 18, 2006, 13:18

  4. Another day, another snapshot:
    poco-1.2-20060822 is ready.

    Changes since 1.2-20060818:
    – fixed SF #1542722: InflatingInputStream: buffer error
    – improved Windows UTF-8 support
    – added Logger::names()
    – added configure script and make install target
    – XMLWriter bugfix: pretty-print bug with characters() and rawCharacters()
    – improvements to build system: support builds outside of source tree
    – added header doc conversion tool contributed by Caleb Epstein
    – fixed SF #1542618 (build/config/Linux patch)



    Comment by guenter on August 22, 2006, 19:03

  5. New Snapshot: poco-1.2-20060826

    Changes since 1.2-20060822:
    – DateTime fixes: Julian Day is no longer stored internally.
    Times (hours, minutes, seconds, …) are now always taken from an utcValue (if available) and not from the Julian day.
    The Julian day is only used for calculating year, month and day (except when the Julian day is the only thing we have)
    This helps us get rid of rounding errors that the Julian Day arithmetic introduced.- on Windows, UUIDGenerator no longer
    uses Netbios, but GetAdaptersInfo instead
    – The main Makefile now has correct dependencies
    – updated with latest version by Caleb Epstein



    Comment by guenter on August 26, 2006, 12:02

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