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Please Help Testing 1.3.6

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The 1.3.6 branch should be in pretty good shape now, except for that NetSSL leak I mentioned in a previous post. Before officially releasing 1.3.6, I’d like to have it tested a bit more. So if you are currently using 1.3.5 and can donate some time, please get 1.3.6 from SVN and test it with your application.
I hope to have some time to look at the SSL issue later this week. If all goes well, 1.3.6 will be released before end of November.

Update 2009-11-16: I found and fixed the NetSSL issue. Also committed some minor features and bugfixes to the 1.3.6 branch today. Everything looks great now for a release next week!

  1. I was hoping that Poco::Dynamic::Var was part of 1.3.6
    When will it appear in an official Poco release?

    Comment by Franky Braem on November 10, 2009, 20:35

  2. Hopefully in the next release after 1.3.6. It’s still open whether this will be another one in the 1.3 branch, or 1.4. The priority is to get the open bugs fixed with 1.3.6. The next step then is integrating the bug fixes from 1.3.6 into the trunk code, and then decide how to proceed (e.g., immediately go for a 2.0 release with breaking changes, or doing an 1.4 based on current trunk).

    Comment by guenter on November 10, 2009, 22:46

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