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Samsung Bada

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Samsung has released a new OS/platform for smartphones, based on C++. My initial excitement for the platform has vanished quickly, though, after looking at their introductory presentation for developers. First thing that caught my eye was “two-phase construction”. That immediately rang my alarm bells. This was followed by their explanation that they cannot use C++ exceptions due to “resource constraints” on embedded devices. Instead, one has to use a home-grown macro-based exception handling mechanism, as well as return value error codes. Now that explains the need for two-phase construction. Note to Samsung: Symbian called – it wants its design mistakes from the 90s back. Other things that I noticed were a lack of smart pointer usage (apparently, smart pointers are too resource hungry) and a few other things that should send shivers down the spine of any C++ developer. And they have Java-like container classes. So, unfortunately, nothing to get excited about. Looks like iPhone, Symbian 9.x and Linux-based platforms like Maemo remain the only choices for C++ developers.

  1. But what about Maemo ( AFAIK, it supports C++.

    Comment by eao197 on December 11, 2009, 21:09

  2. Right, I forgot Maemo and other Linux-based phone platforms. I’ve updated the article.

    Comment by guenter on December 12, 2009, 13:57

  3. That’s funny, I’m using C++ exceptions, STL and smart pointers with tiny microcontrollers… I guess their lack in this platform has more to do with “vendor lock-in” than “resource constraints”

    Comment by beta4 on December 19, 2009, 13:46

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