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1.3.6p1 Released!

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Release 1.3.6p1 is a patch release for 1.3.6 that fixes a few bugs introduced in 1.3.6 and earlier releases. Upgrading is recommended for everyone using the Crypto, NetSSL and XML libraries. For the maintainers of the POCO Debian package, this release allows to build POCO in “unbundled” mode, which means the system-provided zlib, pcre, expat and sqlite3 libs are used instead of the bundled ones. As always, for a complete list of changes, please see the CHANGELOG.

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  1. There is an invalid link on download page: file name is poco-1.3.6-all-doc.tar.gz, but link is for

    Comment by eao197 on December 22, 2009, 17:37

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