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POCO 1.2.5. Released

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POCO release 1.2.5 is available for download.

Changes in detail:

  • Improved LoggingConfigurator: channel creation and configuration is now a two-step process. This means that the previous problems with PropertyFileConfiguration and IniFileConfiguration when referencing other channels are solved.
  • improved options handling: better handling of (non) ambiguities. If both an option named “help” and one named “helper” is specified, this no longer causes ambiguity errors.
  • added check for duplicate option definition
  • ThreadPool bugfix: fixed a crash that occurs on Linux multiprocessor machines (caused by an thread unsafe string assignment corrupting the heap…) (SF# 1575315)
  • improved ThreadPool performance
  • XML now compiles with -DXML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T (SF# 1575174)
  • fixed SF# 1572757: HTML forms can have more than one key/value pair with the same name
  • got rid of the dynamic casts in Events, Events/Cache: simpler/faster Delegate < operator, prevents some rare dynamic casts error from occuring when using StrategyCollection with Caches
  • improvements to Logger and LoggingConfigurator:
    • added Logger::unsafeGet()
    • added Logger::setProperty(loggerName, propertyName, value)
    • LoggingConfigurator now correctly (re)configures existing Loggers (prior to this change, if a Logger named “a.b.c” existed before the LoggingConfigurator started its work, and the LoggingConfigurator configured a Logger named “a.b”, then “a.b.c” would not inherit the new configuration).
  • improvements to SplitterChannel and EventLogChannel configuration
  • improved LoggingRegistry exception messages
  • MessageHeader::read() is more liberal with malformed message headers. This fixes problems with certain network cameras sending malformed HTTP headers.
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