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Hi all,

just a quick note to keep you informed what’s going on in the Poco World and what will be included in the next Poco beta:

  • A feature that quite some people asked for are static builds. And thanks to Paschal we have that now (for VS7.1, I’m currently doing VS8.0)
  • I spent a lot of time recently with cross compiling. Especially cross compiling in CYGWIN for embedded Linux. I’m glad to say: it works. See here for instructions.

This will probably not be part of the next release but it gives me a headache: Cross compiling for Windows CE

Most things compile fine in Visual Studio 2005 with Microsofts cross compiler but as usual, if Microsoft says, it works, well, it doesn’t. For example, locales support in their STL doesn’t exist and the current STLPort beta refuses to compile. So I’m calling for help: does anybody have a binary STLport version that was cross compiled with VS2005 for ARM?

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  1. There will also be a bugfix release (1.2.7) later this week, fixing the currently known bugs.

    Comment by guenter on December 4, 2006, 11:01

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